Bike ride, tacos, ambulance ride

Saturday January 6, 2018

  Got sick on Christmas Day with something that lasted for 2 weeks. The weather was also terrible. Not so great holidays around our house. January 6th was a turning point. It was 50 degrees, I was finally feeling a little better and so a casual little bike ride was on the agenda. Since I hadn’t been able to taste much because of sinus stuff, tacos, sounded good. Juliana, our one year old daughter was so lonely for grandma and grandpa (kept her croup away from grandpa who has IPF for those 2 weeks) she didn’t want to leave their house. So we rode our bikes on a Saturday afternoon bike ride to Fuzzy tacos, just us.
   Some fish tacos (nothing compared to San Diego) some chicken, and we set out for home on the same meandering, mostly dirt, bike path. Peter reminded me
To roll up my pant leg (right leg for gears) and as we approached a tunnel he motioned for me to slow down. (Safety first) and so with my left hand on my left (front brake) I grabbed for my brake (since my right hand was preoccupied with rolling up my pant leg -just tightening really, it was already up). The good news is that my brakes work great! That front brake
Stopped on a dime... I however, didn’t. As I supermanned over my handlebars and took the fall with my chin (at least that’s what we’ve ascertained) I broke my jaw, some
Teeth and ruptured something in my ear.

    With blood pouring out my ear and mouth and chin, I realize I might be taking my first ambulance ride. All I can think about is the new health insurance plan we have (we buy our own because we’re both independent contractors).
   My new card is in my wallet in my pocket and I beg the EMTs to take me to the hospital on the back of the card. They tell me they would prefer to take me to the hospital with the better trauma unit since I’m bleeding from inside my head and they can’t see why... reasonable. They assure
Me, it’s ok with my insurance. We’ll see.

 Ambulance ride, CAT scan reveals broken jaw. I get 10 stitches in my face, but the good news is no brain or Spinal injuries and so they think I ruptured my ear drum, or my broken jaw punctured it. They can’t see. My entire ear canal is now hardened with blood. Not the worst. They advise me not to get my ear wet until I can see an ENT doctor. And I need to see a surgeon about fixing my jaw and then of course a dentist for my two front teeth. I think Santa would have been easier to find... you see... I learned that the ONLY bone in your body you can break that is NOT covered under health insurance is your... jaw. That requires dental insurance because only an oral surgeon can fix your jaw... we don’t have dental insurance. We already pay through the nose
For our own health insurance... stay tuned ;)


  1. I cannot express how sorry I am to see this happen to you, Ann. I know you're surrounded by family, but let us know if we can do anything!

  2. Oh Annie, I am so sorry. I wish I was closer so I could help you. Lots of prayers and love sending your way.


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